Queer-Run Label Get Better Records has Teamed up With Little Amps Coffee Roasters to Release Collaboration Album Sunday, Someday Today, March 26, 2021

Queer-run Get Better Records and Little Amps Coffee Roasters have teamed up to release community-driven collaborative album Sunday, Someday, which is now available as of today, March 26, 2021. Alongside the album, Little Amps Coffee Roasters is releasing a new “Super Tasty Instant Coffee,” which is quality instant coffee in portable packages to use on-the-go. There’s a bundle with a vinyl, some coffee and a mug. The proceeds of this bundle will go to The LGBT Center of Central PA’s Common Roads program. It will help fund acoustic treatment for youth who have sensory needs.

Sunday, Someday features queer artists Nervus, Potty Mouth, Full on Mone’t, Solstice Rey and KOJI. They had plans to tour the UK in 2020 but were unable to due to the pandemic. After the cancellation, these artists have had weekly zoom meetings which eventually led to the creation of Sunday, Someday to support Full on Mone’t’s top surgery. They have already reached this goal and have moved forward to fund LGBTQIA+ youth initiatives and surgery aftercare. “Projects like our record and this coffee collaboration will hopefully show that you can use your time, talent, and resources to grow more access to spaces for care and creativity,” KOJI (they/them) says. The collaboration and benefits from this album speak a message of inclusivity and community.

The bands on Sunday, Someday collaborated on the tracks as they went along, giving the album a cohesive sound. There is an overarching indie-pop sound throughout, and it’s dashed with punk and folk influences. Each artist brings their own unique sound in a way that fits together smoothly track by track. The group worked together on many aspects of the album and songs. Nervus provided drums and guitar for Solstice Rey’s tracks. Abby Weems (she/her) from Potty Mouth created the album art design. Nervus’ Em Foster and KOJI mixed and mastered all the tracks. Megan Foster Rose, Nervus’ manager, chipped in and designed the projects’ website. Weems says, “It’s exciting to work on something with people I feel so connected to and understood by.” The personal connections these artists formed over the course of their zoom calls drove the creativity for Sunday, Someday.

Full on Mone’t, or Gabe Darling (they/them), is a Pennsylvanian agender multimedia artist. They create zines based on their mental health struggles and were establishing zine workshops before covid shut down local schools and libraries. “I want to give people the power to tell their own stories and heal through their own art,” they say on an Instagram story. Darling started to make music in 2013 because there wasn’t really music they felt applied to what they were going through. They hopped onto Sunday, Someday after Koji invited them to a weekly zoom call between musicians. They hope to inspire those thinking of making music to finally give it a try.

Koji Shiraki (they/them) is an indie, folk and punk musician from Peixtin, Susquehannock land (Harrisburg, PA) known as KOJI. They’ve been creating and recording music since childhood and took a break in 2015 after their album Fury. Shiraki puts collaboration and community first, and they’ve returned to this with their teamwork and creativity on Sunday, Someday. They played in warped tour in 2012 and have played alongside artists such as La Dispute and Never Shout Never. Shiraki is Filipinx Okinawan Japanese and stands with #stopasianhate.

Nervus is composed of Em Foster (She/Her), Paul Etienne (any/all), Jack Kenny (he/him) and Lucinda Livingstone (they/them). Nervus was started by Foster as a bedroom singing/songwriting project but eventually expanded to the full band. They use their alt-punk music to explore issues such as gender, identity, dysphoria and the self. Nervus gets to dive into gentrification and social binaries through their work on Sunday, Someday. They have supported bands such as PUP and Antiflag and have done tours in the US, UK and Europe.

Potty Mouth is a Los Angeles-based band made up of Ally Einbinder (she/her), Abby Weems (she/her) and Victoria Mandanas (she/her). They are a pop-punk band that got their start in western Massachusetts before moving onto L.A. This band was originally formed in college between Einbinder playing bass and Phoebe Harris on the guitar. It eventually grew to become the trio today including Weems as a guitarist and lead vocalist and Mandanas on the drums. They been making music together for eight years now and have already created several projects together.

Pennsylvanian artist Solstice Rey, or Sabrina Williams (she/her), grew up in a family of talented musicians. She has years of singing experience throughout choirs and is a self-taught pianist and guitarist. Williams graduated with a Bachelor’s in Anthropology from Temple University in Philadelphia, Pa, and shortly after started pursuing her love for music. This is what led to her dropping her first two singles in 2017.  She aims to create a new and relatable sound and draws on influences such as Michael Jackson, Rhianna and Purity Ring. 

The bundle including the Sunday, Someday vinyl, coffee and a mug is now available on Little Amps Coffee Roasters website with proceeds going to The LGBT Center of Central PA’s Common Roads program. The vinyl can be purchased on Bandcamp to support Full on Mone’t’s top surgery aftercare and LGBTQIA+ youth initiatives.  Sunday, Someday can currently be found on iTunes, Spotify or your streaming service of choice.

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