Quarantine Q&A Vol.2 #19: One of the Last


MR: Introduce yourself in 6 words or less.

John from One of the Last!

MR: During the Covid-19 Quarantine, a lot of people spent time doing things they normally wouldn’t have done…did you pick up any new hobbies or learn any new skills?

John: Believe it or not, I didn’t. It was a pretty rough time for me. I lost my job, couldn’t go to the gym, and couldn’t do much with the band. I’m usually a pretty busy person. From doing everything to doing nothing, it was a shock. Thankfully, I have another job, the gyms are reopening and things are getting a little more normal. The band is still moving forward while a lot of other bands are at a standstill.

MR: What do you miss the most about touring?

John: Meeting new people and seeing other places. We’re from Brooklyn, NY so we’ve played NYC numerous times. That’s why we did a few shows in other states. Just staying in your hometown won’t advance your career especially in NYC. Every show we have, we’re up against hundreds of other things you could that evening. Going to other states lowers those options. If there’s one venue in the area with no competition, you’re going to have a packed house!

MR: Do you have any Post-Quarantine plans?

John: Well, I’m working 2 jobs, taking Computer Science courses, training in Mixed Martial Arts and growing the band. My plate is full again and I couldn’t be happier with that!

MR: Whats one personal item you absolutely can not tour without?

John: For me, energy drinks and water. I’ll down an energy drink about an hour before we’re onstage. It helps get that grittier scream in my voice. Onstage, I drink a lot of water. I don’t have any alcohol before or during a show.

MR: What are the Top 3 artists you are inspired by?

John: Linkin Park, Slipknot and Mudvyane.

MR: Any words of wisdom for someone who may draw their inspiration from you?

John: Thanks for that! It’s awesome that our music inspires you to form your own band. Number one rule: be kind to everyone. Promoters, other bands, fans, the door person, etc. Your job after promoting is networking. Talk to people that are in attendance and thank them for coming out. They could’ve been anywhere in the world but they’re here watching your band! As soon as the next band is coming on, get as close as possible and watch their set. If you’re headlining, try to watch the openers if you can. Try and support the other bands!

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