Plastic Barricades Releasing New Single “Tunnel”

Alt-Rock duo from London, Plastic Barricades, release new single, Tunnels, off their third LP, “Self-Theories”. They also have a music video to go alongside the single. Keeping true to the DIY nature of making music, this song was recorded in a backyard shed studio, and the video used no CG affects.

Instead of the CG affects, the band used a digital microscope with 1000x magnification, playing off of question of what would your anxieties look like? Their LP is set to release in Fall of 2020. “Tunnels” has this calming feeling to it, but the video almost gives off a sense of chaos, since you’re not always sure of what you’re looking at. It’s a unique take to making a music video, something you don’t see often. I think new and old fans alike are in for a pleasant surprise with the release of this new album.

Tunnel Video | Facebook

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