Melophobix @ Relax at Rosa, Grand Rapids, MI

Photos & Review: Elise Coates

Melophobix performed at Thursday’s “Relax at Rosa” lunchtime concert series in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They performed original songs that dip into different genres like funk, reggae, rock, as well as re-imagined covers. Their set featured guest vocals from Sarena Rae and Danielle Cosby as well as Ben Steer on bass. 

The band’s tracks reflect relatable themes of love and everyday life as well as echo the climate of today’s social atmosphere. Regardless of a listener’s background or upbringing, these themes provide a very real and relatable lyrical landscape that resonate with listeners of all ages. As a band, they hope people take away the power and uniting force of music. 

Melophobix got their roots from a handful of jam sessions and collaborations at open mic nights in Grand Rapids. After some practices they landed their first show in 2016 and have been playing ever since.

Since the pandemic they’ve been working on a few new recordings (set to release this fall/early winter) and always looking for new stages and venues to share their love of music with new audiences.

Twitter / Insta : @MelophobixMusic 

(Guests Insta: @sarenaraemusic, @danielle.songstress, @bass_with_ben)

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