Perseide Releases New Album “The Only Thing”

Perseide, an alternative rock band from Lyon, released new album “The Only Thing” which is available for purchase on CD and digital platforms. Formed in 2001 by childhood friends, the alt rockers had released and performed all across France, Europe and the US. They have previously released two other EPs and are signed to OrageRock label. Their sound ranges from metal with hints of pop, driving those heavy riffs mixed with catchy chorus’.

From the start, this album has that gritty, heavy instrumentals that you would expect from an alt rock/metalcore band. While remaining true to their sound, but at the same time they bring their own unique twist from track to track, keeping listeners engaged throughout the album. For me, the track that stands out the most is ‘Trick or Treat”, it showcases the bands unique sound while still bringing in those familiar elements of alternative music. If you’re a fan of heavier music, but not completely metal, this band will give you a nice mix of alt rock with metal for you to enjoy the best of both genres.

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