Kennedy Shaw Releases New Single: Heaven

19-year-old Philadelphia singer-songwriter, Kennedy Shaw, is preparing to release her new single ‘Heaven’ on June 6th, 2020, in anticipation of her EP release set for this summer. Shaw grew up in rural South Jersey, taught herself piano, and was proficient in playing by age 7. Kennedy’s music take on a new version of 80s synth pop with a 90s girl punk undertone.

In 2018, Shaw released a full length album titled, ‘Girl Almighty’ which was a powerful anthem for coming of age. She has already gained recognition from magazine around the world. Australia’s go-to feminist guide, Ramona Magazine, describes Kennedy as having a “Frankness and maturity beyond her years…wittily [narrating] the voice of her generation and the intricacies of the female experience.”

‘Heaven’ starts off with a catchy yet soothing bass line and immediately has you tapping your foot to the beat. Between the instrumentals and strong vocals, it reminds me of an old Hollywood film track. This track showcases the dynamic vocal range Shaw has to offer, listeners can undoubtedly feel the pain and emotion in her voice. ‘Heaven’ is a song you don’t want to miss out on, and I can’t wait to hear what the full EP has to offer.

Below is her video for ‘Boys’

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