Nude Shoes Releasing New Single 03/20

Album Art by Kris Khunachak

Pop/Punk Emo band, Nude Shoes are set to release their new single, “Billy’s Here, Love, I’ve Got To Go” on March 20th. Hailing from Asbury Park, New Jersey, the band’s members include Andy Katz, Billy Butka, Chris Steele, Sean Lavery, Tyler Patchell, and Giulio Bozzone.

As the “Brainchild” of Andy, Nude Shoes was able to come to life when he met Billy and a few of his close friends. On March 20th, Nude Shoes is set to release their new single “Billy’s Here, Love, I’ve got to Go”. 

With lyrics like “I don’t feel the same about my life anymore”, the story behind this song will hit home with anyone who has ever had a friend pass too soon. Their Vocalist, Andy, had been out celebrating on New Year’s Eve with a friend of his, not knowing it would be the last time he would ever see her.

She had passed a few days later on January 4th due to an undiagnosed heart condition. In their own words “This song is about coming to terms with death, and how life can change in an instant, never to be the same again”. It opens with a quick and catchy tempo that will make you want to dance and scream your heart out all while simultaneously giving Motion City Soundtrack and Four Year Strong vibes. Don’t miss their release on March 20th & catch them in New Brunswick on March 27th.

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