Melanie Martinez, The Portals Tour

Photos and Review By: Kristen Zarra

The Portals Tour Stops In Philadelphia

Melanie Martinez is currently on traveling for her Portals Tour, and stopped at The Mann Center on June 30th in Philadelphia, PA. Fans lined up early in the day to snag a spot close to the stage, dressed in various outfits fitting for the theme. Opening up the night was Tanukichan, who had a calm easy going vibe to their music.

While waiting for Melanie to take the stage, fans began to try to fill in an extra spaces within the crowd in an attempt to get closer. Everywhere you turned there was bright colored hair, glitter, fairy like outfits, and some had on fake ears to match her mask. The dedication to the music is amazing, and shows how she brings many different people together. Any time it seemed like the show was going to begin the crowd cheered and screamed in excitement.

It was Finally Time

After anxiously waiting, it was finally time for Melanie’s set to start. The crowd immediately began cheering, screaming and holding their phones up to catch the opening moment on video. The stage transformed into a fantasy world as images were shown behind the singer to create a visual story for the night. Martinez was accompanied by fantastic dancers on stage that really added to the visuals and theme of the tour. There was not a moment that I couldn’t hear the fans singing along to every word, truly enjoying the moment. At some points of the night I witnessed a few fans begin to cry as they connected with a song that was incredibly important to them. To me that shows how impactful Martinez’s music is to her fans.

Make sure you experience this other worldly tour before its over! You can learn more about show dates here.

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