The Eras Tour: Philadelphia Night 3

Review by: Kristen Zarra

Three Nights, One Weekend, Endless Memories

From May 12th-May 14th, Taylor Swift brought The Eras Tour to the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA. Various artists are accompanying Swift throughout the tour and change depending on what date you attend. Paramore, beabadoobee, Phoebe Bridgers, girl in red, MUNA, or HAIM round out the openers throughout the tour, with GAYLE, Gracie Abrams, or OWEN starting the night off. Having not been on tour for the past few years due to covid, she decided to make this one epic with a whopping 3.5 hour setlist. Sunday’s show had Gracie Abrams and Phoebe Bridgers start the night off, with the crowd popping out of their seats to sing along.

Celeb sightings

As always, there were a few special faces spotted at the show including Jennifer Lawrence, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban and Matty Healy. Fans eagerly went over to give them friendship bracelets they had made to trade at the show. No matter where you looked you saw beaded bracelets lining the arms of fans, parents and even security! Watching how excited the younger fans got when older ones would give them one truly captures the sense of community and friendship within the fan base.

It’s Showtime!

Eager fans began cheering as 8pm approached and the countdown timer spread across the stage. Once Taylor was revealed in the middle of the stage, everyone went wild with happiness. She opened with a shortened version of ‘Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince‘, and transitioned into ‘Cruel Summer’. Swifties sang (and screamed) back the first bridge of the night filling the stadium with ‘He looks up grinning like a devil‘ in perfect unity. Not only was the show sold out all weekend, thousands of fans came out to hear the show each night in the streets that surround the stadium. This just shows how much of an impact Taylor’s music has on so many peoples lives that they’re willing to sit outside the venue to experience a fraction of what the show has to offer.

“Everyone thinks the third night we’ll be tired, but the third night we go into ‘Beast Mode'”

Taylor Swift

The Eras Tour

The Eras Tour is unlike any other, each part is broken up into songs from her albums with stunning visuals to bring the songs to life in a whole new way. Starting with Lover and transitioning into Fearless, gold sparkers began raining down from the top of the stage. Next up was evermore, making it seem as though you were traveling through foggy woods. ‘Willow’ was beautiful and spooky, Swift and her dancers came out in long, hooded robes, holding orange glowing globes. They created a mini story that captivates the crowd. As soon as ‘Marjorie’ began everyone held up their phones with the flashlights on, creating a touching moment while she sang.

Reputation began with a snake slithering on screen, leading into ‘….Ready For It?’ The outfit she wears on for this era is fantastic. A one legged black body suit with a red snake wrapped around the length of her body. The stage adds to the visuals as well. In the center of the diamond, parts of it rise up, creating different shapes that add to the story of each song and era it’s used for. Red is up next, bringing the fun dance party vibes with ’22’, ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’, and ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’. Ending the Red era with ‘All Too Well (10 min Version)’ gets everyone in their feelings. Experiencing this live is truly something that is almost impossible to describe. Every single person in the stadium sang their heart out, bonding over whatever trauma they were releasing by singing along. Afterwards, Taylor plays a recording of a poem while the stage prepares for folklore.

Taylor appears on the roof of a cabin, kicking off the era with ‘the 1′. After having a moment to relax with the soothing songs of folklore, 1989 brings the party back. ‘Blank Space’ utilized the rising platforms in the center, showing a car that dented when dancers hit it with their clubs. ‘Shake it Off’, had everyone jumping, dancing and singing along, enjoying the moment.

Time For A Surprise!

Each night Swift picks two songs to be surprise songs, and doesn’t repeat once played. Personally, I was hoping for ‘Haunted’, however I loved the two she picked! ‘Hey Stephen’ and ‘The Best Day’; both off of Fearless, were the two night 3 had to enjoy!

The Final Era

Midnights rounds the night out, with cloud shaped props filling the stage for ‘Lavender Haze’. Taylor performs ‘Vigilante Shit’ donning a stunning blue sparkling body suit, with choreography to match. ‘Anti-Hero’, ‘Midnight Rain’, and ‘Bejeweled’ are also played from the album. The Philadelphia Eras Tour weekend comes to and end with the performance of ‘Karma’. It was an incredible night to experience, if there is ever a chance to snag a hot ticket to one of Taylor Swifts concerts, do it, you’ll regret not going.

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