Allan Rayman at The Park Theatre

Photos and Review by: Mikey Jablonski

Allan Rayman performed on a mild spring night on a Tuesday at The Park Theatre for his Western Canada Tour with Michael Lemmo. This was the final show of a seven show road trip across the Canadian Midwest for two and a half weeks. The Park had interesting age ranging for young to more middle age group that I was quite surprised seeing for Allan. 

Michael Lemmo took the stage for opening for Allan for his tour, as he performed some classic and some rather instrumental pieces of work. It was about a thirty minute set but rather everyone in the theatre enjoyed what Lemmo had to perform.

Allan Rayman hits the stage
and plays new songs to old ones, the crowd was ready from the start. As I heard a few people even screaming for alan as I recall. The whole room was singing the top of its lungs that I can make the most out of it. Some songs that were performed was I Talk To My Cigarette, Left Alone, and other bangers from his catalog. Allan was definitely a stage performor as he was jumping from one end to the other but more of a darker presence for the stage that I have ever seen compared to other acts I have seen performed at The Park.

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