MIMIC Releases Debut Single “Careless”

Buffalo based band, MIMIC (formerly Eerie Shores), have just released their debut single “Careless“. Released alongside the single is an accompanying music video. Which perfectly captures the essence of the song; being careless and letting loose for a bit. 

On the song he band says, “…touches on learning how to be comfortable where most people aren’t. The song is about finding happiness in areas of negativity; literally seeing rain and walking into it with a smile.” It’s all about learning to live amongst the chaos of the world. We have to learn to embrace it and make the best of it all. 

"Feel the rain 
As you walk
Don't complain
Be careless for the day
All the pain will stop
In your brain
Be careless for the day"
Artwork for the single “Careless”

Self-described as “Arena Basement Rock”, the brand new band encompasses a very polished and cohesive sound within the alternative rock genre. They ironically say that they are “arena-level rock music, but we still play basement shows.” MIMIC brings a fresh new look and style, with “Careless” as the first single leading up to a debut EP. 

MIMIC formed in early 2022. Alex Vasiloff (Vocals/Guitars), Dan Calderone (Guitar), and James Sprecker (Bass) began their first project, Eerie Shores, at SUNY Fredonia in 2017. Upon adding Andi Pszonak (Guitars/Vocals) and Trevor Balbierz (Drums), they eventually grew out of their original sound. This lead to the dissolution of Eerie Shores and the rebranded debut of MIMIC

The members of MIMIC

Their purpose for rebranding was to find a direction that was more focused and professional for their blend of alternative rock. The music of MIMIC matured into a sound that controls the heart’s erratic energy and the mind’s endless dynamic of wandering. They write music imitating our world so others can try to make sense of their own. 

Inspired by 2000s rock, MIMIC has the dynamic changes of Thrice, the anthemic choruses of The Goo Goo Dolls, and the angst of Senses Fail. Together they create a strikingly tasteful blend of heavy riffs, melodic counterpoints, hook-worthy choruses, and captivating song structures within their realm of modern alternative rock. It is a unique sound characterized by rich production and effect soundscapes. 

With an energetic and rocking debut, the band will leave listeners wanting more. Luckily, MIMIC’s debut EP is set to hit streaming sites in late 2022. So, it won’t be too long of a wait for more music.

To keep up with MIMIC, please visit:

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FFO: Thrice, The Goo Goo Dolls, Sense Fail

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