Okay Omen, Bouquet, and Clementine at JJ’s Pub And Grill Franklin, Wi 08/14/2022

Okay Omen, Bouquet, and Clementine came together to make something electric at JJ’s Pub and Grill in Franklin, Wisconsin on 08/14/2022.

Each of these bands brought the perfect alternative punk energy which suited the venue well. Walls were shaking, the audience was headbanging, and the artists brought power into each and every performance. Okay Omen made great use of pedals to create a distinct atmosphere, Bouquet had a lot of emotional power utilizing vocals between screaming and spoken word, and Clementine brought their entrancing melodies along for the ride. None of these artists were boring or too similar. They brought their own sounds to create a diverse and captivating set. One of the best parts is that you could tell each band was having so much fun. Even the banter between sets felt like each was comfortable and in their element.

And what’s next for all these amazing artists?

Okay Omen

Okay Omen is a post-loud rock Milwaukee, WI-based band fresh on the radar. They have one single available now called “(In)Sincere,” a powerful deep-cut with more than enough energy to spare. This track is available on most streaming platforms, and there’s a music video for it available now. This band had six songs in their set, all of which are due to be recorded for an album planned for early 2023. They’re currently prepping to play the Milwaukee Record Half-Time Show at Cactus Club on October 2nd. Okay Omen consists of vocalist Chase Hoffman, guitarist Mike Holloway, bass and rhythm guitarist Josh Rardin, and drummer Bob Schaab.

Watch the set:

Video Credits: JJ Kaiser


Bouquet is an alternative band with eclectic influences based in Iowa. This show was the last stop of a tour for Bouquet, and they have quite a bit in store. Bouquet’s main focus is developing new material for an upcoming album, but they have some shows slated on the 5th and 25th of September. On the 5th they’re confirmed to be playing at The Record Mill in Ames, IA. They’ve also recently released a merch store with some pretty rad options. Check it out to show them some support. Bouquet consists of vocalist Nick Booth, Drummer Kellar Schaefer, Bassist Max Wold, guitarist Elijah Wold, and guitarist Jared Coleman.

Watch the set:

Video Credits: JJ Kaiser


Clementine is an emo/pop punk band based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This band has come a long way since their debut EP ‘This Will Hurt’ which made a splash in the underground scene in Rockford, Il. Since then they’ve been focused on playing shows and touring, but they’re back at it creating new music. They just dropped their latest single ‘Lucinda’ which has caught the eye of Milwaukee Record and was placed on the official Spotify playlist Fresh Finds Rock. They’re currently working on an EP and LP, and Lucinda was the first of several single releases they have planned to be released sooner rather than later. Currently, they’re gearing up for another tour coming this fall.  Clementine’s current lineup consists of vocalist Joe Altamore, guitarist Bennett Gillies, bassist Mackenzie Sima, and drummer Oliver Wink.

Watch the set:

Video Credits: JJ Kaiser

All of these bands put on quite a show at JJ’s Pub, and they did a phenomenal job at displaying their musical passion and abilities. It’s exciting to think that each one is up to so much and have more in store soon. You should definitely check them all out today, and they’re great bands to keep on your radar.

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