2022 Burt Block Party

Photos & Review: Mikey Jablonski

Saturday August 21st  was the last night of the annual Burt Block Party. It was jammed pack with Pop Punk/Metal artists coming from the US and Canada. Rise Against, Pup, Cancer Bats and local band Death Cassette took the stage for the final night of the 4 week/weekend long party in Winnipeg. Everyone was excited to see every band that took stage on Saturday.

Death Cassette never have seen them until Saturday and really they delivered their live performance. I think even they were probably my favourite band the whole evening with the great music, stage presence and getting right into the music. For sure check out Death Cassette on music platforms when you get a chance.

Cancer Bats took stage next and they are a die hard band to go see in Winnipeg. They shaped the crowd right up that evening and started to get them all warmed up later for Rise Against. All the bands this evening was my first time seeing but Cancer Bats have been coming to the city a lot lately just haven’t had time to finally see a Cancer Bats show until Saturday evening. If you’re a hardcore metal fan be sure to check out Cancer Bats as they are going to be heading overseas into the UK in September or on Music platforms where you listen to you’re music.

Pup is the third band that took stage this evening. Pup was susposed to come to Winnipeg awhile back with Billy Talent on their tour across Canada but scheduling conflict and COVID restrictions they had to cancel and miss the dates. But they decided to finally come back and do a great forty five minute or so set. I actually had a few friends who just honestly came out to see Pup and they said they played some really good songs. Of course they did play some of the new record that they dropped of course but not enough of the self titled record I can say as well.

Rise Against finally took stage and the crowd was fully ready for them. Played some oldies and some new ones from the recent Nowhere Generation record. Rise Against was another band that was supposed to come to Winnipeg awhile back but they had to miss/skip it due to a bad snow storm that was planning to hit the city. It was a major long overdue stay for Winnipeg and the crowd was singing along to every single word that they brought out. Hope to see Rise Against come back to Winnipeg sooner rather than later again.

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