Hoodie Allen New Single “Call Me Never”

Pop rock artist, Hoodie Allen has just released his latest single, “Call Me Never”. Having hints of influences from Blink-182 and New Found Glory, he blends his own flare of pop punk to create something fresh.

Those undertones of pop punk are prevalent from the very beginning of the song. In addition to the song, he’s release a music video packed with different emotions and comedic moments. Keep and eye out for more releases from Hoodie Allen and make sure to check out the video here!

Call Me Never is all about being in that endless cycle of chasing someone who’s bad for you yet simultaneously trying to run away from those tendencies and move forward with your life. It’s the phase of being stuck and I was definitely stuck when I wrote it.
We tell ourselves lies to get over someone and we tell that someone that we’d be better off alone but yet if we were over it, we wouldn’t need to keep the conversation going. It’s pop punky and evocative of all of my teenaged influences at its finest new found glory…but despite the high energy fast-paced sing-along, it is still ultimately about a weak moment that you can’t shake.”

Hoodie Allen

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