After The Burial @ TLA, Philadelphia, PA

After the Burial and Thy Art is Murder headline Back From The Gulag tour. They bring with them metalcore band Currents and Brand of Sacrifice with Kyle Anderson for lead vocals who is known for his demonic voice. They play The Theater of Living Arts in Philadelphia, PA on May 26th, 2022.

Brand of Sacrifice starts the show with power and they do not disappoint. It was my first time ever listening to them and I was very impressed. They have great tone and insane vocals. They control the crowd with ease and really put on a show. They also have some really cool merch. I totally bought two of the other exact same hoodie so I can wear one oversized and one fitted. They are the most comfiest sweatshirts ever. Currents went on next and it was not my first time seeing them. But it was the first time I saw them where I was more familiar with their music and I definitely enjoyed it more. Walking through the crowd I heard someone tell their friend, “Told you ‘Better Days’ hits hard.” and I couldn’t agree more.

Thy Art is Murder lit up the stage with screens and an awesome skeleton microphone stand. They also had great stage presence and captured the audiences attention through the music and the amazing stage production. After the Burial is a great band to see live. My favorite part was the guitar. I mostly listened to that since that is what had gotten me into them in the first place. The crowd loved them screaming the lyrics and moshing. 

Overall this was a really great show and I wish I was able to bring along some friends for them to have experienced it too. Be sure to be on the lookout for any of these bands hooping on a tour. Brand of Sacrifice will be opening on the As I Lay Dying tour so be sure to grab some tickets for that.

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