Knocked Loose @ Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ

Knocked Loose sold out New Jersey’s Starland Ballroom in Sayreville on Friday May 6th. They play along with Movements, Kublai Khan TX and KOYO.

KOYO started the show with Ten Digits Away and got the crowd ready for the rest of the show. The crowd SHOUTED every Kublai Khan TX song. They all pushed forward to the barricade and yelled with the vocalist. Movements lightened the mood after Kublai’s set and before Knocked Loose goes on. All the sad boy tears came out as everyone sang along to favorites like Tunnel Vision, Colorblind and their closer Daylily.

Knocked Loose is a staple hardcore band. Everyone who listens to hardcore knows who Knocked Loose is and likely started listening to them at the start of their hardcore journey. Before Knocked Loose got on stage the tension in the room was high. Everyone was readying their spots for the show. It was even hard for us photographers to get through the crowd to get to the photo pit. As music starts to play and the band is not yet on stage the people on the barricade are smooshed against the barricade as pits start to open up. Knocked Loose opened with ‘Where Light Divides the Holler’ and immediately came the crowd surfers. After shooting the first three songs it was again hard to get through the crowd. The entire venue was a mosh pit. The show was insane. The crowd screamed the lyrics and moshed all night, wall of deaths, circle pits and two stepping all night. New Jersey showed their love for Knocked Loose that night and for all of the bands.

KOYO | Kublai Khan | Movements | Knocked Loose

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