Dayseeker @ House of Independents, Asbury Park, NJ

Dayseeker is headlining a North American tour bringing along Holding Absence, Thornhill and Caskets (formerly known as Captives). Dayseeker is performing their entire Sleeptalk album and their new single Neon Grave. They play in New Jersey on April 24th at The House of Independents and sell it out. 

Caskets opens first with their song Drowned in Emotion. The crowd sings along to all the songs and jumps when the singer asks. The venue starts to look more packed and Thornhill starts their performance. The crowd loves them as well and sings along to the songs. They play every song you would hope to heal like, Coven and Arkangel. Holding Absence starts with their Celebration song screaming “I’m alive” right off the bat. They play with great emotion especially in the closing song Wilt. Holding Absence is a band I need to see again soon and everyone else too. 

Both Caskets and Holding Absence are from the UK and Thornhill is from Australia. This was the first time in the states for all of them. Members from the bands were asked questions on their instagram story on their day off and they all listed the New Jersey show as one of their favorites. This tour will no doubt have a special place in their heart and I am glad that it was a pleasant experience for them. 

By now the House of Independents is packed. Dayseeker starts with their intro the Embers Glow which blends nicely into The Color Black. They play the entire Sleeptalk album and their new single Neon Grave and Vultures off their previous album. You could feel the emotion in the room between the band and its fans, it was quite an experience. If you got to see them on this tour you more than likely shared the same experience. Dayseeker’s most recent album Sleeptalk can be listened to here.

Caskets | Thornhill | Holding Absence | Dayseeker

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