Royal Blood & Cleopatrick @ Burton Cummings Theatre, Winnipeg

By: Mikey Jablonski

Royal Blood took the stage on a Rainy Saturday night with Cleopatrick on their spring tour. They play at Burton Cummings Theatre in Winnipeg, Manitoba on the fifth night on tour. The Burt was slowly packing at the start of the night. I had a few friends even come out to the show cause they were excited to see both bands. I can for sure tell everyone was excited to see both bands playing.  

Cleopatrick had great Energy and you can tell it was pure happiness to be playing on Saturday. It was my first time seeing them, but they did have a headline tour scheduled to be in Winnipeg last year; however, they had to cancel it due to COVID. Totally worth it to see them finally live they know how to put on a performance. They performed hits like GOOD GRIEF, FAMILY VAN, hometown, and more. Everyone in the pit was just dancing and singing a long to it. Their set was 10 songs it went by so fast. They will be touring most of this year with Royal Blood in Canada and the states, as well with Ready The Prince in June overseas. Highly recommend seeing both guys Live.

Royal Blood hits the stage and plays old and new songs, the crowd enjoyed every song. Most pits were opening, and everyone dancing. People were even forgetting the heavy rain that was going on that evening. I genially forgot some Royal Blood songs then hearing them play Troubles Coming, Out of The Black, Loose Change I was having a blast. Royal blood I really enjoyed live, the energy for sure was feeding the crowd as well as myself. Everyone enjoyed every band that played on Saturday. 

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