Fit For A King @ Asbury Lanes, Asbury Park, NJ

The Dark Path tour is not one to miss. With Fit For a King headlining and playing songs from their new album The Path and fan favorites. The tour features more amazing bands; Silent Planet, Hollow Front, AVOID and an added local New Jersey metal band Nights of Malice. The tour plays Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park, NJ on March 29th. 

Nights of Malice started the show as people started to trickle in. They are a band I have known for a while and was very excited to see they were added to the bill. 

As the venue started to fill, the next band was ready to play. AVOID was packed with energy and for sure a band everyone needs to see live. Though I know I say that often I always mean it. The band had great energy and fun vibes. The members moved around and had great stage presence which fit perfectly with their music. Hollow Front played after and they also played a great set. 

Silent Planet won the crowd’s heart by playing songs that many people could relate to. The crowd screamed lyrics to all of their songs and Garret even shared the mic for some. The crowd was not happy that Garret kept his shoes on and screamed for him to take them off. That may sound weird if you don’t know, but one of the lead singer’s signature is not wearing shoes when he performs.

Fit For A King gave a great performance. They played favorites like, Backbreaker, Tower of Pain, Locked and When Everything Means Nothing. One of my favorites of the night was Debts of The Soul, I love when metalcore bands make songs like this it adds to the dynamic of their performance. The crowd loved all the bands and was very engaged the whole show.

Nights of Malice | AVOID | Hollow Front | Silent Planet | Fit For A King

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