Slothrust @ Asbury Lanes, Asbury Park, NJ

Slothrust, a rising alt-rock band from Boston, MA, made their stop in Asbury Park on April 10th. Following their release of their latest album, Parallel Timeline (Origins), Slothrust heads out for a Spring tour from March 17th through April 30th. This album features both demo and new versions of select tracks as well as commentary from bandleader Leah Wellbaum and drummer Will Gorin.

Asbury Lanes geared up for the night with a stage setting featuring flowers, a vibrant mic stand and a stuffed animal acting as a disco ball. All these things fit seeing how Slothrust is a blend of progressive rock, acoustic and pop, making them just as unique as their set. Clava Louise a band from the UK, opened up the night with their fun tunes and stage banter. As Slothrust took the stage the crowd cheered, clearly amped up and ready for the show. Throughout the night everyone sang and danced along to what was no doubt some of their favorite songs. If you have a chance to catch a remaining date of the tour, you can grab your tickets here.

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