Exclusive Interview Snippet: Clementine

Who Is Clementine?

Rockford, Illinois-based indie/alternative/punk band Clementine consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Joe Altamore, lead guitarist Bennett Gilles, bassist Mack Sima, and drummer Oliver Winke has just kicked off their first official tour. Clem’s debut EP This Will Hurt has made waves in the Rockford music scene since their start in 2010, and they’re gearing up for another amazing release (trust me on this one, I was allowed to listen to a little when I was interviewing Joe).

About the Podcast Interview

Anyway, here is a snippet of the podcast interview I did with Joe Altamore. Give it a listen to learn more about Clementine’s upcoming projects, their decision to extend their band name, and what’s going on with their Spotify (You’ll have to check it out there’s so much going on). This is a condensed version produced for a college assignment, and I’m currently working on getting the rest of the episode to produce. As it turns out, editing audio takes a LOT longer than expected when you’re still learning. I wanted to release this here, as I originally wanted to catch the beginning of the tour with the podcast, but the amount of time I’ve spent editing has set me back quite a bit.

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