Them Coulee Boys @ The Listening Room, Grand Rapids, MI

Photos and Review by Elise Coates

Them Coulee Boys played at Grand Rapids, Michigan’s Listening Room on December 13. The Americana band’s unique blend of rock, folk, harmonies, and bluegrass brought people to their feet in the cocktail lounge. They encouraged the audience to get involved in their set by asking them to rub their hands together creating a unique rhythm as the base of one of their songs. They explain, “it’s music that creates community through the shared experience of joy.” Their recent record, Namesake, balances power and intimacy like a bear-hug.

Them Coulee Boys hail from Eau Claire, WI and performed after the energetic bluegrass band, Fireside Collective. Them Coulee Boys will be finishing up their winter tour in Minneapolis, MN on February 4.

Them Coulee Boys | Fireside Collective

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