The Starting Line @ Franklin Music Hall, Philadelphia PA

After over a year without live music, The Starting Line were back in their hometown for their annual holiday show with The Movielife and Queen of Jeans. The nostalgia of early 2000s pop punk filled the Franklin Music Hall on December 17, as The Movielife and The Starting Line played through fan favorites, having the crowd relive their fondest memories.

Queen of Jeans started off the night with soothing sounds, gearing up the crowd for what was in store for them later. Fans look forward to this show, seeing how The Starting Line plays only a few shows a year, making the two nights of this mini tour even more special. Having to go without music for so long, it was palpable how excited everyone, including the bands, were to be there playing and singing along to songs they listened to since high school. The Movielife got the crowd moving as soon as they hit the stage. Never a dull moment with their set, they always bring the energy. They played some fan favorites, Jamestown, Hand Grenade and Ship to Shore to name a few.

Next up was The Starting Line, and they played a whopping 25 songs! Every time I thought the night was sadly coming to an end, they kept playing. It was a great surprise for everyone there to be able to hear so many great songs live. Even though most of us are older now, it never stops the crowd from moshing and crowd surfing to their favorite songs. Both the band and fans brought their all to this show, and had an amazing time throughout the set. They ended with their top fan favorite songs, Up and Go and Best of Me. If you by chance have never heard of them, don’t worry, you have a full year before their next holiday show!

The Starting Line | The Movielife | Queen of Jeans

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