Starset @ TLA, Philadelphia, PA

Starset, a band known as ‘cosmic rockers’ released their new album Horizons on October 22 via Fearless Records. To promote the new album Starset headlines the tour Horizon with support from The Word Alive, All Good Things and Another Day Dawns. On November 17th the tour stops at The Theatre of Living Arts in Philadelphia, PA. 

Another Day Dawns starts with a smaller crowd as people start to come in and grab everyone’s attention, getting them all to headbang. All Good Things gets the show rocking with their uplifting sound and amazing lights to go along with. The Word Alive has the fans screaming and jumping all around.  

Starset has been known as a cosmic rock band and that title is more than fitting. Between the screens, lights, outfits it all goes to show how they really do live up to their title. They play a great mix of songs from all of their albums, a classic like Carnivore and new songs like The Breach. They steal many hearts from their fans with songs like It Has Begun and the crowd gets emotional. With their big songs the stage has to be big as well. They have screens playing videos of the entire performance with light that go along accordingly, an outfit change and other musicians.  

They are on the Horizon US tour until December 18th so be sure to check them out if you can! 

Starset | The Word Alive | All Good Things | Another Day Dawns

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