Drive, Kid and Their New Song “Drop”

Written by: Christian Reccasina

Drive, Kid’s new song “Drop” busts through new ears as they blend hardcore
2000s vibes and emo anthemic prophecy reminiscent of Linkin Park and YellowCard. I can see that their influences are vast as elements of screamo, rap, and emo all come together to make a symphony of what is known a Drive, Kid. Instrumentally, the track comes together with chugging guitars, heavy drums and beefy string sounds. At first I wold think that there is too much to this track and it is trying to do too much but the production works well together with the changing sections as we trasition to hardcore ad back to emo anthem. Lyrically, it follows the typical ideas of loneliness and dealing with yourself in a world where you feel you don’t have anyone. This can be seen in the lyric, “This is a lonely place, so I’ll talk to myself”. Although sad, there is an underlying hope that you feel with the song as a whole. Overall, this track exemplifies everything it should, sad emotion with exciting production.

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