Pure Noise Records Tour, @ The Fillmore, Philadelphia, PA

Kristen Zarra

The Pure Noise Record tour made its stop in Philly at The Fillmore on 10/16, making it a night to remember for fans. People turned out early to see Bearings, and Just Friends kick off the night with their high energy stage presence, getting everyone riled up and ready for what else was to come. Having seen Bearings a few times before, I knew they would not disappoint- playing a mix of old and new songs, they definitely gained some new fans that night. Just Friends took the stage with their unique flare, and their amazing dance moves, getting the crowd to sing along with them.

Four Year Strong is when the energy went from fun vibing to OPEN UP THIS PIT. They always come prepared to amp up the crowd and tonight was no different. Crowd surfers kept popping up over the crown screaming their favorite lyrics out, having a great time. Real Friends calmed things down a bit for a couple songs of their set but soon encouraged everyone jump, and sing along. All four of these bands put on an incredible set, brought their all and the crowd LOVED it, but it was time for the headliner; State Champs, to close out the night.

State Champs came on and immediately everyone in room went wild. From the first song to the last, the crowd had a pit in the middle and constant crowd surfers, and everyone could see how happy each other were to be there. The energy in the room was incredible, fans could see how everyone in Champs were having a great time performing which only fueled the fun in within the crowd. They played fan favorites such as “Elevate” , “All You Are Is History” and “Dead and Gone”. Live music is BACK and this tour was a great way to experience the return.

State Champs | Four Year Strong | Real Friends | Just Friends | Bearings

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