August Burns Red at Franklin Music Hall, Philadelphia, PA

Photos & Review By: Stephanie Batista

Pennsylvania metalcore giants, August Burns Red takes the stage at Franklin Music Hall in Philadelphia as their first stop on the Leveler 10 year anniversary tour. The tour is In celebration of re-recording the album that came out in 2011. They come along with support from Fit For A King, Erra and Like Moths To Flames. 

Fit For A King, Erra and Like Moths to Flames come prepared. They get the crowd pumped and ready for August Burns Red to hit the stage. They gave the crowd a great set of songs, mixing old and new classics for everyone to have something to sing and jump to. Songs like Deathgrip, Breach and Bury Your Pain. Circle and mosh pits did not take much time at all to start. Especially when JT Cavey (Erra vocalist) and Ryan (Fit For A King vocalist) screamed “circle pit”!

The crowd was more than ready for August Burns Red to start. Franklin Music Hall being so much more packed than when the show started. August Burns Red plays Leveler in its entirety straight through and during Poor Millionaire Ryan from Fit For A King takes the stage along with Jake Luhrs (lead vocals). After performing the album Matt Greiner (Drums) gets the stage to himself and the crowd cheers him on. They play a few more songs and end the show with White Washed. 

It was obvious how happy everyone was to be there. Not only the band to be back on tour and performing but the fans too. You could feel the energy in the room without having to see everyone’s smiles. Every single crowd surfer that came around the barricade had a huge smile on their face. The tour has forty more stops across the US so be sure to go. You won’t want to miss it. 

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