Cry Baby Releases Debut EP “Everything I Didn’t Say”

Photo By : Mia Naome

Coming out of Charleston, NC, Cry Baby brings their take on pop/R&B with their debut album “Everything I Didn’t Say”. Cry Baby brings the nostalgia back with the 90s vibes throughout the EP. The inspiration is undeniable, once you hit play, your instantly transported back in time jamming out to the old music you used dance around your bedroom to. It took me back to when I would get excited to pop in my Britney Spears CD after school to relax to.

Everything I Didn’t Say’ is a mixtape of the past two years for Cry Baby. With it being our first full release, we hoped to include a full range of songs that sound like the tapes we made growing up. We wanted a record that had a little something for everyone in it.” The band continues, ‘Everything I Didn’t Say’ was made with a completely DIY approach. We were involved in every step of the project – shooting album covers, filming music videos, printing and designing shirts. When people listen to this record they are getting something truly home grown.”

Cry Baby

The tracks blend seamlessly into one another, keeping the emotion and atmosphere in tact throughout listening. Despite having the 90s vibe, they still add their own flare. They bring an sold and new atmosphere of music to the modern day mainstream. If you’re looking for something different and new to add to your playlists, check out Cry Baby !

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