Typhoid Rosie Releases Provocative Single “All I Need”.

Typhoid Rosie has unveiled their provocative yet empowering new single “All I Need,” the third single off of the band’s upcoming album Queen Of Swords, out August 13th. The empowering anthem sticks a middle finger out to the patriarchy and those who view women as sex objects.

“Ninety percent of the songs dudes write that we thought were love songs are really about sliding a girl’s panties off. Maybe its time we mix sh*t up. This is the song that happens when a grown-ass woman rips the mic out of some douchebag’s hand who’s held that mic for way too long.”Frontwoman Rosie Rebel

The song is another fine example of the empowering and thought-provoking bangers that Typhoid Rosie specializes in. The song could be described as the aural equivalent of a candy-coated razor blade. The track is a bit less “punk” and a tad more “pop” than the previous two singles (“Queen Of Swords” and “Defend You Temple”) while still sounding very much like Typhoid Rosie.

With a strong hook and chorus and a provocative story behind the lyrics, the single also features guest vocalist Coolie Ranx (Pilfers, ex-The Toasters, Grand Theft Auto, etc.” who sings the second verse and pre-chorus duet with front-woman Rosie Rebel, while also contributing gang vocals. Rosie is a powerhouse of a vocalist, with an infectious voice that makes you want to put the track on replay.

Since the very beginning, men are the hunters, and women are the hunted. I just think instead of treating women like something you shoot up and hang on your wall like a disposable trophy, maybe sit the f*ck down, and think about how beautiful it is to explore the sexual wonders of a female goddess. So trickle in and let’s separate the men from the boys.

Rosie Rebel on the track “All I Need”

With three incredible singles already released by the band, their forthcoming album is shaping up to be throat-punching and empowering. The title of the album, “Queen of Swords,” comes from the card in a tarot deck. The Queen of Swords can be seen to have very high standards and can also be seen as being highly critical of herself others. The Queen isn’t afraid to call people out or to put herself first. With this in mind, the album is lining up to continue with empowering themes of the previous singles.

It’s amazing that out of all of those d*cks pounding on your door in the middle of the night, so few and rare are the real f*cking men. What is the point of keeping people around who want the keys to the kingdom but can’t man up? What are they really adding to your life? This song is for all those special losers who must be banished, because quite frankly this is the “Queen Of Swords” record. It’s exclusive and you really do need to earn your rightful place inside these castle walls.

I dont care about people’s looks, I’m more attracted to people’s fire, hearts and minds. And if I was still roaming the streets, I’d pick a good man who moves mountains to love me. Not some bread-crumming loser. There’s so many people out there who will waste your time. They go from person to person like lost lil’ parasites. They don’t invest much time or energy. After they conquer you, they’re slithering off to the next meat buffet, always in search of greener grass, only to find that the grass dies wherever they go because they never learned how to water anything beyond their own instant gratification.

When you look at people, you never know what you’re getting. There are some good guys out there but also murderers, narcissists, womanizers, theives, shallow and fair-weathered fucks, energy vampires, creeps, liars, dirt-bags, dummies, skanks, power-hungry villains, and greedy mother-fuckers. Knowing what I know now about myself and others, I realize what a magical person I am, and it is so important for me to guard that like a holy treasure. I’m grateful for those losers who have come into my life and taught me that some people do not deserve to be inside you. I hate people who use women like disposable objects. I can’t wait until all of the Jeffrey Epsteins walking the Earth are thrown into the lake of fire…. but until then you can’t expect a creep to do right by you, and it is your job to guard your temple, and to know you are beautiful and worthy enough for a loving relationship. Love is all or nothing, so if you ever experience emotional poverty, tell that loser to keep it moving, cause you’re the motherfucking Empress!

Rosie Rebel

Typhoid Rosie out of Brooklyn, New York delivers high-energy sing-along alt/punk with pop hooks and indie grit. They have been featured in Paste Magazine, Buzzfeed, Alternative Press, AXS, The Huffington Post, New Noise Magazine, Dying Scene, PunkNews, Substream Magazine, Impose Magazine, Tattoo.com, Popdose, PopWrapped, PopMatters, The Big Takeover, No Depression, and many more.

Typhoid Rosie is known for putting on an entertaining, fun, and high-energy live performance. Pre-pandemic, they had been playing regularly mostly around the Northeast at places like The Knitting Factory, Brooklyn Bazaar, The Kingsland, Goldsounds, Coney Island Brewery, Arlene’s Grocery, Bowery Electric, VYNL., etc. The band’s fourth full-length studio album titled ‘Queen of Swords’ is slated for release on August 13, 2021, following their previous three studio albums: ‘The Music Album’ (2013), ‘Hearts Bleed Goodbye’ (2016), and ‘This is Now’ (2018).

Typhoid Rosie is: Rosie Rebel (vocals), PHil Wartell (drums), Jeff Crews (Lead guitar), Will Adams (rhythm guitar), and Matthew Van Ernest (bass).

Typhoid Rosie is a band you definitely need to check out and keep up with. Make sure to stream the empowering anthem “All I Need” and their upcoming album “Queen of Swords”. You can also check out the band at their upcoming shows listed below.

8/13- Savage Mountain Punk Festival- Cumberland MD

8/14-Morgantown Art Party- Morgantown, WV

8/27- Kingsland (Brooklyn) NY

10/23- Apeland-Holyoke, MA

10/30-The Church- Lebanon, PA


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