7evin7ins’ Newest Single “I.H.M.F (I hate my friends)”

Allendale, New Jersey-based artist 7evin7ins has just released his new track “I.H.M.F (i hate my friends)” alongside a new music video.

7evin7ins’ Newest Single “I.H.M.F (I hate my friends)"

“I.H.M.F (i hate my friends)” delivers catchy vocal lines with instrumentation driven by synthy bass and trap drum beats. It really captures the direction that punk hip-hop is taking with its flashy production. It’s an extremely energetic track with powerful vocals, and the chorus serves as a great earworm. This song’s lyricism has a lot of relatability. It captures the feeling of not quite fitting in with a crowd of friends who seem fake and uncaring. 

“No sleep all night long – Scrolling through my phone thinking maybe imma – Get away from the people in my circle – Silhouette of everything that’s tearing me down,” one of the verses rings out. “I.H.M.F (i hate my friends)” pulls from 7evin7ins real experiences which plays a role in its relatability. 7evin7ins says, “We’ve all at one point or another looked around at a crowd of people we surrounded ourselves with, and realized we didn’t fit in with them.” This is a track about gaining freedom from toxic friendships.

Getting his start on SoundCloud, 7evin7ins quickly started to gain traction. He pulls inspiration from other artists that make alternative hip-hop. Some of these artists would be the late XXXTentacion, Lil Peep and JuiceWrld. He has been featured on numerous editorial playlists on SoundCloud and was named an “artist you need to know” by Alternative Press. 7evin7ins has been taking time putting out great single after great single. His music is all well-produced, and it benefits from his musical versatility.

There is a music video for “I.H.M.F (i hate my friends)” on YouTube, and it can be found on your streaming platform of choice.

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