“Colder” CAPPA’s Latest Single

CAPPA, a dynamic singer songwriter from the Philadelphia area, has recently released her latest single, ‘Colder’, which is set to be a part of her third EP release. Having a mix of influences in her work, CAPPA takes the punk scene and meshes it with the iconic pop sounds everyone knows and loves. It wasn’t long until CAPPA’s music became a hit, gaining recognition from a plethora of popular stores and TV shows. CAPPA has had her music featured in stores such as Victoria’s Secret, and Lady Gaga’s HAUS Laboratories – (thats some SERIOUS bragging rights!). She’s also been featured in TV shows Selling Sunset, Riverdale, and Siesta Keys!

After listening to ‘Colder’ it’s clear why CAPPA has been featured and gained recognition so fast. Her voice is a mix between that raspy rock sound, yet smooth and soothing throughout her range. You’re immediately drawn in with the instrumentals – they’re catchy and will have you dancing whether your up on your feet or just vibing in your seat. CAPPA captured everything needed to make a hit single – lyrics, vocals and beat all come together so flawlessly making it so no one can ignore it. “Yeah I moved on/But the body doesn’t feel a thing like your body/On my body/Everything’s colder now that you’re gone” This is one line that stood out, digging into those emotions of trying to force yourself to move on from a past relationship before you’re ready, and then comparing the new person to the old love. After listen to ‘Colder’ (many, many times already!) I can’t wait to see what CAPPA has ready for us on the EP she’s working on! Definitely give this one a listen – you won’t be disappointed.

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