Vancouver Punk Band Rest Easy Releases New Single “Get Busy Dyin’” From Their Upcoming EP “Sick Day”

Rest Easy, a punk band from Vancouver featuring members from both Daggermouth and Shook Ones, are releasing their new EP “Sick Day” on February 12. This is following the release of the single “Get Busy Dyin’” which is the song that will be used to kick off the EP. This single can currently be found on youtube here, or on a variety of streaming services such as Spotify and Itunes.

This EP is being released on vinyl, and can be bought in the colors blue and orange. The blue vinyl is a clear light blue with smoky dark blue splashes across it. The orange one is solid color and is an opaque tangerine color. The individual vinyls are only $7.99 each, but there’s a bundle with both options for just $12.99. There will also be a tshirt and tote bag released alongside the LPs. Everything is currently available for preorder.

“Get Busy Dyin,” is a perfect introduction to Rest Easy’s sound. It truly captures the essence of Punk. It’s incredibly raw and hardcore. The song packs a punch of emotion and doesn’t fail to be dynamic. About 52 seconds in, the song has a very strong tone shift. The guitar shifts toward being more of a prominent driving force for the beat. It takes a spotlight, and the vocals calm down and slow down for just a moment. It provides a perfect contrast to the heavier energy throughout the rest of the song, but still keeps some of that heavier energy to drive the beat.

“Sick Day” is an EP of four songs. The tracklist goes as follows:

Get Busy Dyin


Bad Idea

Sick Day

“Sick Day” is being released through Mutant League Records, and the single “Get Busy Dyin’” alludes to a clean and powerful EP. Rest Easy has definitely shown their potential as an extremely talented heavy punk group. You can find Rest Easy on either their Facebook or Instagram. Make sure to give them a follow to keep up with their work and listen to “Sick Day” on February 12.

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Author: Sage Plapp

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