Nya Bloom Rewrites The Declaration of Independence for Hispanic Heritage Month

Latinx artist, Nya Bloom, of Hemet, CA has released a four part debut EP that finally came to a head yesterday with “Exhale”. The entire EP is available to stream on Soundcloud or Youtube for an immersive visual experience, inspired  by the visual storytelling of writers like Christopher Nolan, The Wachowski Sisters and more recently, Trey Edward Shultz. Having graduated from the Icon Collective College of Music in Los Angeles, there is no shortage of symbolism and interactive psychological play.

In tandem with the final part of the EP release, Nya Bloom has also launched a Change.Org petition to create The Declaration of Unity . Sparked by a conversation with friends, the creative began to notice that The Declaration of Independence which we have all become so familiar with could use an update..

“This document, literally and symbolically, marks the birth of our country. It serves as the core expression of what it means to be American or what it was intended to be. We think so independently that we have become separate from each other, our community and environment…it has evolved into divisiveness. It’s a beautiful document that has inspired revolutions not only in America, but around the world. An idea clearly expressed on piece of paper changed the world, speaking to generations of people who, out of all the endless things to believe or not believe, found a few truths to be self evident, everyone has a right to life liberty and pursuit of happiness. It shaped and continues to shape our consciousness. As a society, we keep celebrating and programming ourselves for ‘independence,’ and that is great, but we are the UNITED States of America, and we seem to never celebrate that. I would feel foolish not at least trying to use the tool of the internet to show how most of the country is not on the extremes, and we should be focusing on uniting for the common cause. Not blaming each other. Our politics are ruled by memes an misinformation, I hope having this document out in the world, government approved or not, it spreads like all the memes and videos we so easily spread. I hope we can agree on the truths our country was founded on and use that as our mutual baseline of communication moving forward.” – Nya Bloom

We are currently living in a world in crisis amidst a pandemic, economic shutdown, political and civil unrest, natural disasters, and more. It is time to UNITE. It’s time for a new global conversation. It is time for us to take matters into our own hands. We can no longer wait for our leaders to unify us, we must do it ourselves. Nya Bloom hopes to enact serious change with his Declaration of Unity.

People who celebrate only their independence and never their unity live in constant contradiction to the very name and ideals set forth as the United States of America.” – Nya Bloom


You can listen to Nya Bloom’s reading of the document below or go to Change.Org to read the document in it’s entirety and sign the petition.


Immerse Into Nya Bloom’s Sonic Universe: Text “Bloom” to 818.392.8565

Sign The 2020 American Declaration of Unity by the People of the United States

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