Quarantine Q&A Vol.1 #10: Ren Marabou

Ren Marabou kicked off his solo career in early 2020 and is set to release his
second solo album ‘Solar Systems’ on September 30th via BMJ Records UK.

MR: Introduce yourself in 6 words or less
RM: Multi genre solo artist from Ireland.

MR: During the Covid-19 Quarantine, a lot of people spent time doing things they normally wouldn’t have done…did you pick up any new hobbies or learn any new skills?
RM: I was actually very lucky to have been able to record my debut solo album ‘Significant Progress’ during quarantine in my home studio. That kept me very busy but my D.I.Y skills also had time improved.

MR: What do you miss the most about touring?
RM: So much!!! Playing live has been a massive part of my life. Hanging out with my band on tour and meeting fans of my music is something I have missed greatly. Hopefully those days will come back soon.

MR: Do you have any Post-Quarantine plans? Professional or personal
RM: Get back out on tour to promote my new albums and take the missus on holiday for a well-deserved break.

MR: Whats one personal item you absolutely can not tour without?
RM: Fisherman’s friends throat lozenges are my secret weapon for my vocals. Can’t gig without them.

MR: What are the Top 3 artists you are inspired by?
RM: Richie Kotzen, Daniel Johns of Silverchair and Chino Moreno of Deftones would probably be my top 3 inspirations but I honestly have so many.

MR: Any words of wisdom for someone who may draw their inspiration from you?
RM: Stick to your guns. Write the kind of music you love and the music you want to hear. Don’t be afraid to follow your own musical path and enjoy the journey.


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