St. Louis Rapper ‘RETRO CHAMP’ Releases New Video “Confidence”

St. Louis Rapper RETRO CHAMP has released a new music video “Confidence”. The music video begins with a flute solo which leads into a hip-hop beat and the rap lyrics “Don’t show me love, if you never believed in me”. I always say “The Flute is the most underrated instrument in rock”, I will now include Rap in that statement. Clearly, this artist is always trying to keep things fresh by experimenting with different sounds and styles. “Confidence”, an ode to loving oneself, is a single off of the recent “F.Y.I” EP.

“F.Y.I” EP can be streamed here

Retro says, “Confidence is about me finally being confident with myself again. I struggled a lot with my confidence growing up, this song shows that I have grown and that I’m happy with who I am. I also want other people to love themselves for who they are and have the confidence in themselves to be them.”


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