Parallel Lights New Single “Run Away” Out Now

Parallel Lights is a pop punk band from Livingston, released a new single “Run Away” and a music video to go with it. In 2015, Jamie Morrow (Vocals, Guitar) Paul Newling (Vocals, Bass) Shane Stevens (Drums) initially formed the band, and in 2018 Ryan Zdrojewski (Vocals, Guitar) joined the band.

“Run Away” has that type of ‘matured’ pop punk sound, and the video not only tells a story of the song but also doubles as a lyric video. It’s upbeat tone and lyrics is something the music world needs right now, and this is a great pick me up. With encouraging lyrics such as “Maybe We Should Fight Another Day” it’s the perfect song to be released with the current state of the world. Be sure to check out the video below!

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