Valencia Celebrating 10 Year Anniversary of “Dancing With A Ghost”

Valencia, a pop-punk/alt-rock band from Philadelphia, are releasing “Dancing With A Ghost” on vinyl for the first time to celebrate its 10 year anniversary. Originally released on October 12, 2010, it’s getting a special treatment this time around. They are having a deluxe pressing with three different variants, re-imagined artwork (by Brenden Walter), an eight page expanded insert and a bonus 7″ EP. The bonus EP will contain different variants of tracks, never released.

In addition to the deluxe pressed vinyl, Valencia is also releasing a limited edition coffee table book, “Enjoy The Fruits”. With over 100 pages, it takes you through a look into the bands career, pulling various notes, artwork and more from not only the band, but their fans, family and crew as well. Being a limited edition, it is not something you want to miss out on.

‘Enjoy The Fruits’ can mean many things, but mostly it forces you to stop and be grateful for what you’ve accomplished and enjoy it for a god damned second.

From the forward of ‘Enjoy The Fruits’

All items are available for pre-order at

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