Rich People Release New Song ‘No Age’

Review by: Kristen Zarra

Rich People released their latest song ‘No Age’ on November 15, 2019. ‘No Age’ showcases their ability to have upbeat instrumentals with calming lyrics. ‘No Age’ will have new listeners hooked within the first 30 seconds of hearing this song.

Rich People connect with many listeners with lyrics like ‘I felt the whisper of a thrill/Met by the space left by the void still left unfilled’. Many struggle with the feeling of fulfillment and having music that validates that others are experiencing the same things, not only makes it a little easier, but will bring people together. Before 24 hours had even passed, fans of Rich People expressed overwhelming support, reaching streaming numbers of 7,000+ by the 20th. ‘No Age’ is definitely a song you need to have on your playlist and you see for yourself by streaming it on spotify!

Rich People will be playing a show on December 6th, tickets can be found here.

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