Barns Courtney at Park Theatre

Review & Photos by: Mikey Jablonski

Barns Courtney took the stage at Park Theatre in Winnipeg, Manitoba on October 5th and no one was expecting the crazy line up that was prepared for that evening.

First up was James Bruner and his band right off the bat they went hard, very much a photogenic group that Mikey experienced. This is a new group that resonated well with Barns Courtney crowd. Hope to see more of them in the future

Next up is The Ramona Flowers as they were the talk of the night next to Barns. They played a decent set from songs including “Circles”, “Mirrors in the Mansion”, and “Martian” to name a few from the energetic set.

Finally, Barn Courtney took the stage. This was honestly the most engaging artist with the crowd and stage that Mikey has ever seen that he can recall. Barns was getting into the crowd multiple times throughout the night, bouncing up and down with hit after hit. Songs included in the set were “Kicks”, “Fun Never Ends”, “Glitter & Gold”, and so much more. Hope to see Barns make a return again soon in Winnipeg as this was a night to remember.

James Bruner

The Ramona Flowers

Barns Courtney

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