Lil TJay & Max Winds, Burton Cummings Theatre

Photos & Review : Mikey Jablonski

Lil TJay took the stage on a rather warm winter Sunday evening with local rap artist Max Winds drag on his Canadian Winter tour. They play at Burton Cummings Theatre in Winnipeg, Manitoba on the third night of the tour. The Burt had an age group of rather young adults that I witnessed. It was a close to a sold out show for Lil Tjay’s first time hitting Winnipeg, I can for sure tell everyone was excited as well as Lil Tjay by smiling and looking at both Balconies at the Burt.

Max is a born and raised

Winnipegger, and opening for a big artist like Lil Tjay is a huge step in his career. He brought his long time friend and other local Hip-Hop/Rap artist on stage with him FPS Dre through the whole set. Both were ready for the burt and the crowd. Max is a great artist in this city and did perform some his upcoming hits like Off The Steps, Bands Up Pt. 2, and others songs. It was rather a shorter set than most that I’ve seen. Highly recommend checking out Max Winds if he plans to tour in the possible future in his career.

Lil Tjay hits the stage

and plays new songs to oldies, the crowd was ready from the start. The whole room was singing/screaming the top of its lungs that I can make the most out of it. Some songs that were performed was Calling My Phone, Run It Up, and other hits. He was giving everything from the start to the end. Winnipeg is a city that’s starting to get noticed by mainstream Rap/hip-hop artists now and is able to sell out these shows. I expect to see Lil Tjay come back soon from how he was enjoying every second in Winnipeg.

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