Honey Revenge new single “Are You Impressed?” Is a hit

LA based pop-rock band, Honey Revenge, recently released a new song “Are You Impressed?” and it’s safe to say it’s a hit with fans and new listeners. Devin Papadol (vocals) and Donovan Lloyd (guitar) combined catchy melodies and lyrics creating a bold song that you’ll want to have on replay.

Honey Revenge also released a unique video to accompany the song, displaying their creativity throughout. Papadol’s vocal talent shines in this latest release, showing the power and passion she has in the music.

““Are You Impressed?” Is about dealing with a need to constantly be productive and well liked in a world where everything we do is documented and put online.”

Honey Revenge

Their single “Distracted” makes its way onto Spotify’s “Fresh Find Rock Best of 2022”, and the pair show no signs of slowing down. They’re set to hit the road this spring supporting The Home Team and Broadside. Trust me, this isn’t a band you want to miss out on, get your tickets before you can’t!

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