‘Death Knell’ a New Album from The Southern Revival

Searching for some new music this holiday season? Texas metal band, The Southern Revival, had recently released a new album, ‘Death Knell’ with a music video, now streaming on all platforms.

This 8 track album is everything you want from a metal band. They bring low, guttural vocals paired with heavy riffs that will have you bouncing your head along to the rhythm. Each song brings more and more energy, keeping you engaged in their music.

For me, ‘The Bishop Wants Us Dead’ ‘To The Grave’ were the most dynamic songs, with different rhythms and breakdowns, holding my attention more than the others. While there is no ‘bad’ song on the album, these shined above the rest. I would highly recommend starting with those instead of listening in order, you’ll be able to get the best of what The Southern Revival has to offer.

They’ve also released a music video for their track ‘Triumphant Always’ to accompany the one track off the album. You can watch that below:

Overall, ‘Death Knell’ is a great addition to your playlists especially if you’re looking for new metal bands to explore. They’ll be playing a show on December 2, in San Marcos, TX, and December 11, in Corpus Christi, TX if you’re in there area and watch to check them out live, you can snag tickets from them on their Instagram. Don’t forget to check out merch they have available!

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