“I Surrender Sleighs” Out December 2

Deck the halls this holiday season with “I Surrender Sleighs,” out December 2, 2022. Presented by I Surrender Records, a holiday compilation album featuring nine original holiday tracks. Songs from: Valencia, Vinnie Caruana, We Are The Union, Punchline, and more.

Valencia gave listeners a taste of the holiday spirit early with “How Valencia Stole Christmas.” Reminiscent of other alternative original Christmas songs, you will add it to your playlist.

Valencia shares, “We really wanted a song that can highlight our distaste and struggle with the consumerism obsession that this holiday brings out in people. But, also somewhere in the back of our heads, maybe Christmas isn’t so bad, we’re all just looking to fill the void. The image of a mall Santa eating Chick-Fil-A at the mall because he has nowhere to go just started us on such a fun path of weird riffs on old Christmas songs.”

I Surrender Records is a New York based record company whose mission is to share their love of music and release the best records possible. Since 2003, they have worked with old and new groups such as: Valencia, I Am The Avalanche, Four Year Strong, Lincoln, Pollyanna, Mattstagraham, and more.

I Surrender Sleighs Tracklist:

1. How Valencia Stole Christmas – Valencia

2. Rico Christmas – The High Court

3. Hungover For The Holidays – latewaves

4. I Can’t Keep Up With The Holidays – Mattstagraham

5. Christmas Garbage – Pollyanna

6. Yr Always Alone (On Christmas) – We Are The Union

7. December 26th – Alex Amiruddin & Vinnie Caruana

8. Together – Punchline

9. Happy New Year I’m Still a Piece of Garbage – Raccoon Tour

Pre-order and pre-save “I Surrender Sleighs” here.

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