Lucy Dacus: Home Video Tour, Charlotte, NC

Photos and Review by Blanton Leigh 

On October 5, 2022, Lucy Dacus performed at the Neighborhood Theater in Charlotte, NC, along with with Crooks and Nannies on this stop of her Home Video Tour. Shocking is the only word I can think of to describe how this show started, and amazing doesn’t begin to describe how Dacus handled this whole situation, but I’m getting ahead of myself. 

Things started normally, I got to the venue, waited in line, got my pass, and went to the photo pit. Like every show, music plays while we wait for the opening act to come out, and then I saw Lucy Dacus start to come on stage, which took the crowd a little bit longer to notice, which surprised me. Once on stage Dacus shared with the crowd that her tour bus, and all of her and her bands’ belongings had been taken by the bus driver, which would cause a delay in the show. She thanked everyone for their patience and that the show would continue once all was figured out. 

I cannot remember, but it didn’t feel long after she had left the stage she came back out, picked up her acoustic guitar and began to play her own music, as well as taking requests from the audience. She felt bad for us having to wait while the whole situation was being dealt with, so she gave us a pre-show, just her and her guitar. I didn’t know what to expect, following a situation that I, nor Dacus, had ever heard or dealt with before, but I can say I didn’t expect this. She is awesome. I am at a loss for words for how well she handled everything, and how much love and respect she has for her fans, it was beautiful. 

After Crooks and Nannies gave one of the most energetic opening sets I have had the pleasure of seeing, Dacus returned to the stage and gave it her all for her now second, but main set. Revealed towards the beginning to middle of her set, she shared that the bus had been found at a nearby junkyard, after having had people follow/look for the bus while she had been giving her opening bonus set. Not only did their bus driver take it to a junkyard, but was making a video laughing at the fact they had done so. All I know is that all belongings had been recovered, and Dacus and her band gave one hell of a show, fully energized by this whole ordeal. The anger, passion, rage, and most of all joy could be felt throughout the show. With every show I am able to cover, it becomes my new favorite, and this was no exception, but this time I am going to find it very hard to beat. Not only was I able to see an amazing artist, but I also got to see amazon of a person Dacus was as well. 

Even though something terrible had to happen, it was so cool to see two sides of this amazing artists. A girl and her guitar, and a total rockstar with her full band. Though different, are one and the same, both are Lucy Dacus. 

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