Nothing More @ The Fillmore, Philadelphia, PA

Nothing More is going on tour with In This Moment and Sleep Token this fall. They played The Fillmore, one of my favorite venues in Philadelphia, PA. It is always a great time shooting there. I was very excited to be seeing Nothing More and have the opportunity to photograph them.

Sleep Token played before Nothing More and they really amped up the crowd getting them ready for the next set. There was a big amount of both Sleep Token and Nothing More fans because you could hear voices from the crowd during both sets. Sleep Token is a great band to also see live and their ambient stage show goes perfectly with their music.

When Nothing More took the stage I was beyond excited. We got the chance to photograph their whole set, when normally it is only three songs for every other show I have been to. It was great having the whole set to get creative and try new things we usually cannot when allotted only three songs to photograph while sharing the pit with other photographers. I was happy to watch the whole show from the pit watching a band I love and photographing them.

Nothing More’s set was as great as always. They had a setlist playing some newer songs like, SPIRITS and classics like Ocean Floor, Jenny and FadeIn/FadeOut. I was a bit sad to find out they were not playing YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT LOVE MEANS at our show but they are playing it on some dates on the tour. I plan on seeing them again whenever they come around and hopefully see the song I have had on repeat live. They always have such a good stage presence and always engage their audience into their show. Overall this was a great show between the live music, stage performance, lighting, and more.

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