New Single from Hayley Dare : ‘Other Woman On The Internet’

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, Hayley Dare, is gearing up to release her second single, Other Woman On The Internet, out on May 6th. This upbeat pop tune is the first of Hayley’s multiple summer releases. Other Woman On The Internet, is a ‘pop bop’ geared towards all the girls that have been used by men as therapists and lead on until they fix themselves and move on to the next unsuspecting woman.

This new single takes the listener on a journey of emotions, from the highs and lows of working through losing a person you thought was interested in you. Hayley dives into a scenario that many, if not all of us, have unintentionally gotten ourselves into. Music that is so honest is important to share, it creates safe spaces to not feel alone in these experiences. Keep a lookout for Other Woman On The Internet!

'Other Woman On The Internet'

Hayley’s vocals and instrumentals blend effortlessly, creating this ethereal dream-like vibe.

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