Bearings at The Foundry, Philadelphia, PA

Bearings, a pop-punk band from Ontario, Canada returned to Philadelphia on April 3rd, during their North American Tour. Alongside them were Arrows in Action, Young Culture, and Between You and Me. This tour was long-awaited after the release of their sophomore album, ‘Hello, It’s You’ in 2020. ‘Hello, It’s You’ showcases the dynamic and range Bearings has to offer in their songwriting.

Arrows in Action started off the night with upbeat melodies and a fun vibe. The crowd didn’t disappoint either, they matched the energy from the start. Young Culture never misses when it comes to high energy, crowd surfing and overall party atmosphere they bring to each show. Performing some fan favorites such as ‘Party Girl’ and ‘Holiday in Vegas’, it was a great continuation for the show. Aussie native, Between You and Me, was up next, and these guys know how to work the stage. They got the crowd moving with mosh pits, and MORE crowd surfing. Not sure how it’s possible but they managed to end their set seeming to have more energy than when they started it.

It was finally time for Bearings to come out and rock the stage for the rest of the night. Opening with ‘Transient Colors’, a fan favorite off of the latest album, immediately had everyone singing along. It wasn’t long after the song started that people began to crowd surf. Throughout their set, the crowd’s energy never stopped or slowed down, even during more mellow songs like ‘Blue in the Dark’ and ‘Tide’. Bearings always has an amazing performance and after a long wait from hearing new music, it was well worth it. If you have the chance to catch them live, do not hesitate to grab tickets, you won’t regret it!

Photos: Kristen Zarra

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