Fit For An Autopsy @ The Foundry, Philadelphia, PA

Fit For an Autopsy stops in Philadelphia, PA on February 9th. Their tour lineup brings on Ingested, Enterprise Earth, Signs of the Swarm and Great American Ghost. The tour features five great metal bands. This is a tour you don’t want to miss and if you don’t agree just look at that lineup again until you do.

Great American Ghost opens first, leaving no time before the vocalist jumps over the barricade into the crowd. The vocalist spends the entire time in the crowd engaging with every fan and moshing with them. Signs Of The Swarm opened next. They also do a great job engaging with the crowd.

Enterprise Earth was personally my favorite. I was especially impressed with the guitarist Gabe Mangold. His skill live is very impressive being the only guitarist performing with the band. Ingested plays just before Fit For an Autopsy they do a good job at getting the crowd ready Fir For An Autopsy just like every band before. Ingested grabs the crowd’s attention with their impressive performance. The lead vocalist Jason Evans wears sick eye makeup and colored contacts that match his performance perfectly.

Fit For An Autopsy starts heavy. Engaging with the crowd telling them to circle pit and them immediately obeying. Crowd surfers throughout their entire performance. All bands gave a hell of a performance. Overall I was very impressed with the lighting for all five of the bands that performed. The lighting went great with every song and complemented every performance very well. Now don’t miss your chance to see any of these bands next time they go out on tour.

Fit For An Autopsy | Ingested | Enterprise Earth | Signs of The Swarm | Great American Ghost

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