Neck Deep @ Franklin Music Hall, Philadelphia, PA

Photos & Review By: Chloe Pauls

The United Kingdom based group, Neck Deep, embarked on their U.S. tour for the first time since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Neck Deep released their latest album, All Distortions are Intentional, under Hopeless Records in July 2020. The band started their All Distortions are Intentional U.S. 2021 Tour in the early days of November. On December 4, 2021, the tour came through the Franklin Music Hall in Philadelphia, PA. On the tour, Neck Deep was supported by Boston Manor, Zero 9:36, Heart Attack Man, and Oxymorrons. 

Oxymorrons kicked off the show with an energetic setlist, full stage presence, and personality. As the crowd started to grow, including people settling in on the floor, Heart Attack Man got everyone moshing and crowd surfing throughout their performance. Unfortunately, Zero 9:36 was unable to perform due to having complications with COVID-19. Boston Manor had their fans moving in the pit as their set had a mixture of old and new songs. 

Neck Deep began in the bedroom of their guitar player, Sam; therefore, the theme on stage was set up similar to a bedroom. It was complete with furniture, lamps, and walls decorated with tapestries. They played a variety of older and newer songs throughout the set. Most importantly, everyone in the crowd was emotional while listening to December during the month of December. They played some of their more intense songs like “All Hype, No Heart,” which had the pit moving. They also mixed it up with one of their more emotional songs, “A Part of Me.” They even got the crowd involved in a basketball game with a little hoop on stage. 

Unfortunately, Neck Deep just announced they had to cancel the last shows of their tour due to COVID-19 cases within the band, but when they go on tour again take the opportunity to see them live!

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