King Soloman is back with a new track “Miami Beach”

King Soloman is back with a new track “Miami Beach”, a track that seems
overdue, but also given to the world at the right time. This new song talks about
Soloman’s love for Miami Beach but also his life that consumes it as well. Ever
since he moved to Miami in 2015, he’s embraced the new life that he has found
on the beaches but also has stayed true to his Brooklyn roots, bringing his
unique style and flow and meshing it together. The track itself is a step in a new
direction for Soloman as he blends elements such as reggae but also somehow
captures the neon vice of Miami in the dreamy synth line that sits on top of the
vibing 808s and syncopated hi-hats. Lyrically, Soloman talks about his
experiences and life in Miami such as going to the beach, a reward for his hard
work, and hustling during the week. His flow goes on by showing off his flex but
also being truthful about repping his hometown of Brooklyn. He unapologetically
lives his life the way he lives it but is grateful for the blessings he’s been given
and the people he’s surrounded himself with.
King Soloman is back with the new track “Miami Beach”. With his third release of
2021, Solomon takes steps in a new direction sonically but also with his delivery.
Miami Beach discusses his life living in Miami and how that has changed him, but
also added on to his Brooklyn roots. In terms of the production, Soloman
captures the late-night vibes that Miami Beach creates with dreamy synths
overlaid with a danceable beat of hi-hats and 808s. His flow drives the beat as
well as compliments the syncopated rhythm we find within them. Lyrically,
Soloman stays true to his experience of living in Miami Beach, such as mentions
of going to the beach as well as hustling in the week to live for the weekend. He
goes on with the usual flexing but doesn’t overdo it as he stays subtly humble in
his delivery. Overall, this is a welcome addition to his discography and makes us
excited to hear his full-length album dropping soon.

Miami Beach

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